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By Stefano Bottaioli

Dicembre 15, 2016

DeMark: il 13 dicembre abbiamo avuto due “13” – Ore 21,15

…per chi segue i segnali del setup di deMark

Si segnala che il 13 dicembre sono scattati due SELL SETUP conemporaneamente….il precedente segnale di “13” fu a setttembre cui seguì una lateralizzazione e poi una discesa…manca il weekly

The S&P 500 (SPX) recorded both a TD Sell Countdown @13 and TD Combo Sell @13 on the close of the session. They are also notated by the stacked blue arrows. Furthermore, another higher high spike during Wednesday’s session will ‘perfect’ the TD Sell Setup count. This is all happening the day before the Fed policy meeting. While the consensus is to see a rate hike, what comes after may matter more. During the latter part of the trading session will have the Fed Q&A with the press. For traders looking to lighten positions or taking a shot at shorting the market, many TD indicators are at its peak. If a selloff is more than rotational, the weekly TD Sell Setup on the SPX will have trouble recording a 9 count and fail.


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