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Dicembre 20, 2017

Doug Kass: le 15 sorprese per il 2018 (Crollo dei Fang, Gold ai massimi storici, azioni che scendono e Bitcoin che collassa) – Ore 8,30

….qui un articolo gustoso di Doug Kass su cosa prevede per il 2018…


Ricordo che Doug Kass è Presidente della Seabreeze Tartners Management Inc, Senior Manager della Omega Advisors (6$ milairdi in gestione) oltre a varie altre posizioni in Putnam etc oltre ad essere editorialista sulla CNBC

Le 15 sorprese del 2018 potrebbero essere

Surprise #1: President Trump’s Behavior Finally Does Matter

Surprise #2: Politics is Upended in 2018. As the U.S. Electorate Pushes Left in Mid-Term Elections

Surprise #3: The Tax Bill Fails to Buoy S&P Earnings Anywhere Near Expectations of 7% to 10% Incremental Growth

Surprise #4: The Cryptocurrency Bubble Pops and Gold Makes New All-Time Highs

Surprise #5: The S&P Index Roars Into the 2017 Close and Makes a 2018 High on Jan. 2, 2018

Surprise #6: A Congressional Subcommittee Meeting Called by Sen. Dianne Feinstein Leads to a Regulatory Attack on Google and Facebook That Slows Their Expansion Plans and Market Share Gains

Surprise #7: Stagflation Emerges in the Last Half of 2018 and the Fed Tightens Four Times

Surprise #8: The 2020 Presidential Front Runners Are Mike Pence and Howard Schultz, but Many Shadows Remain

Surprise #9: Volatility Spikes, Causing a Major Flash Crash

Surprise #10: The Athens Stock Market Is the Best International Performer in 2018

Surprise #11: Company Share Buybacks Drop Dramatically

Surprise #12: European Bonds Sour

Surprise #13: Twitter Is Acquired

Surprise #14: Berkshire Hathaway Makes a $75 Billion Acquisition in Early 2018

Surprise #15: Tesla Stalls Out …and FANG stocks fall in sympathy.

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