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By Stefano Bottaioli

Marzo 03, 2020

Un commento tecnico dopo il taglio di 0,50% – 4 marzo 2020 – ore 19

…allego una considerazione tecnica …

da parte di Francesco Maggioni sull’argomento: aspettative che diventano piu’ oscure e attese pessimistiche (che confermano la mia prima impressione)

dear All,

in light of the recent G7 announcements and action from the Fed, which cut rate by 50bp the reaction of market participants seem subdued.
US Equities were up strongly during the morning, but inverted into negative territory after the Fed decision.
My personal view about the situation, without even considering the Covid19 but just simply looking at recent movements (friday and yesterday) brings me to be much more pessimistic than before.
The current trend is definitely a downward trend while upword movement should be labelled only as bounces. 
As of today we could see in the near future equities at lower levels than current. This situation can very fast become a serious matter.
Confirmation of such degraded situation comes also from cycle compass where with last month close both the Dow Jones Industrial and the Transportation brought both indexes wih a cycle inversion, from bullish to bearish on a monthly chart, a powerful one.
I wouldn’t be too optimistic on the effectiveness of central banks intervention right now.
Just a thought I wanted to share with you

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